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Sell your home this Fall with Expert Realty
Sep 22, 2016

You might be able to easily sell your home in Boise this Fall for more than you thought it was even worth! The data that you have likely seen is 10-20% lower than what homes have actually been selling for going into the end of 2016. 

If you're like most homeowners you've paid quite a bit of attention to the value of your most important asset over the years. One way you may have done that is through the yearly property tax assessment that comes in the mail every year, which tells you what the county thinks your home is worth. This year more than ever before, that number is lower than the price somebody will pay for it if you professionally list it with a licensed agent.

You might also check public websites like Zillow or Trulia to see what the value of your home is estimated at. This method is flawed and inaccurate for the most part. Another way you might come up with the value of your house is by watching for the homes that have recently sold around your neighborhood that are similar to yours. Sometimes you'll be able to see the price of what they sold for, othertimes you'll atleast know what they listed them for to try to come up with a value of your own house. The problem is, you aren't seeing the actual number that the sellers netted before paying off their mortgage. You'll need accurate data to find out if the home sold for under or over the listing price and will want to take into account the actual price the home sold for and calculate in buyer and real estate closing costs. 

The best way to find out what your home is actually worth is to have a licensed agent do a comparable market analysis on your home. A professional agent with EXPERT REALTY with experience in your area will be able to use accurate data directly from the MLS to determine the TRUE market value of your home. When you are ready for a FREE, no obligation, CMA to find out what YOUR home is worth during the fall of 2016, just call our office and ask to speak to a licensed REALTOR- 208-850-6324, or email EXPERT REALTY at If you're wanting a little more personal service, swing by our office in Eagle and say hello in person.

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-Steven W. Ellis , EXPERT REALTY, LLC



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